Why You Should Never Worry About A ‘Beauty Blemish’


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When it comes to feeling good, looking good is a worthwhile part of that. As the adage goes, look good, feel good, and feel good, look good. That said, it’s very easy to think that in order to ‘look good’ we need to meet standards that are either opposed to how we are now, or that we struggle to maintain.


Of course, it’s important to look after ourselves, to exercise, to get good sleep, and to stay hydrated. It’s also good to dress well and to care for your skin, and to indulge where necessary. For some people, rectifying issues that occur such as having ceramic veneers after tooth decay or loss can make a tremendous difference in our confidence levels, in this case, rectifying our smile for good.


Most people will, at some time or another, encounter a ‘beauty blemish,’ or have a part of themselves that they tend to reject or wish were different. But there’s no reason for you to worry about such a thing. But how is this achieved? Let’s consider:


A Unique Mark Makes You, You


Unique attributes make you who you are, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of there. Understanding that will help you avoid thinking that one perceived flaw is somehow unforgivable, or even that you’d be so much better off without it. A noticeable birthmark on your face, for instance, can be a fantastic and unique mark that only you possess, which is something to be proud of. But remember, while this helps contribute to who you are, it doesn’t define you entirely.


Find Confidence In Your Perceived Flaws


Why not celebrate your perceived flaws? After all, if you can accept yourself for something different then you can accept yourself for anything else. Think of how one of the world’s most accomplished actors, Joaquin Phoenix, has a noticeable hair lip visible in almost all of his roles. Does it define him as a less dynamic or engaging screen presence? Of course not. He is made unique and even more interesting by that, and you can tell he is long past the date since he accepted that variance. Perhaps you could do the same.


You’re As Confident As You Let Yourself Be


Most of us know the value of confidence and giving ourselves a break, but through sheer force of habit we can stop ourselves from living that way. This can be a tough habit to break, but it’s as important as anything else to get right and to prosper from. What if you focused on just letting yourself be confident instead of thinking you had to pass a test in order to live that way? That might sound too simple, but you’d be amazed at realizing you don’t have anything to prove to anyone, and you’re as confident as you let yourself be. Might it be worth testing that perception out today?


With this advice, you’re sure to realize why a ‘beauty blemish’ can make you, rather than break you.


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