Why the Mediterranean Diet Is Probably The Only One You Need


Nutritionists have been universally touting the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for as long as we’ve had nutrition science. Ever since the days of Ancel Keys, it’s been the gold standard – the diet that we should all shoot for. 


In the meantime, though, we’ve seen all sorts of other apparently healthy diets come and go. While each of them offers something novel, most people find them unsustainable. For one reason or another, they just can’t stick with them. 


But that’s not true of the Mediterranean diet. Thanks to its delicious flavors and the fact that you have so much flexibility, it is much easier to follow long-term. Put simply, it’s enjoyable. 


The Mediterranean diet, though, isn’t quite what people think it is. The traditional version was primarily beans, whole grains, and vegetables, with added fruit and, of course, olive oil. 


In that sense, it was close to a whole food vegan diet. Inhabitants of Greek and Italian islands did eat meat and fish, but it was a condiment. The primary part of the dish was vegetables. 


In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons why the Mediterranean diet is almost certainly the one you should be following. 


It’s Delicious


We already mentioned this one, but it’s worth repeating: the Mediterranean diet is delicious. If you follow tried-and-tested recipes, you never feel deprived or restricted like you do on other diets. You’re able to experience virtually all of the flavors of the region, enjoying a rich food heritage. 


When shopping for ingredients, prioritize chickpeas, wholewheat pasta, herbs, such as rosemary, and beans. Look for traditional olive oil for sale as this has the highest nutritional value and tends to be high in the longevity compound, oleic acid. 


You Don’t Have To Cut Calories

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If you eat a Mediterranean diet, you don’t have to count calories. As long as you stick to whole foods, your body will naturally gravitate towards your ideal weight. Over time, you’ll notice that you’re getting the body that you had when you were 18 back. Just eat until you are satisfied and your body will do the rest. It’ll tell you when you’re full, and when you need more food. 


It’s Nutritionally Complete


Nutritionists often worry about “extreme” diets, because they fear that people will suffer nutrient deficiencies. However, there is no such concern on the Mediterranean diet. It’s got everything. You get a megadose of vitamins and minerals from all the greens and vegetables that you eat, plenty of B vitamins from whole grains, and fiber from beans. You also get things like B12 from small amounts of meat and fish. However, you can also supplement this vitamin to make sure that you get enough. Most people are low or deficient because B12 is in short supply in the food chain. 


It’s Something That Fits Into Your Lifestyle


Eating vegan is tough if you have an active social life. But if you’re on the Mediterranean diet, you have more freedom. For some people, less rigid food choices can make it more sustainable. 


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