Why Perth Could Be The Perfect Getaway Destination For You


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When travelling to Australia, there are many great cities to choose from. Perth is one that sometimes gets overlooked despite having many great attractions. Below are just some of the fantastic reasons to give Perth a visit. 

Sunny beaches

You’re certain to find sunshine in Perth. In fact, it gets more hours of sunshine than any other Australian city. It’s also blessed with some of the best beaches in the country. This includes surfer strips like Trigg Beach and sunbathing hotspots like Port Beach. This guide at Australian Traveller compares some of the top beaches in Perth.

Unique wildlife

Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth is one of a handful of places in the world where you can find wild quokkas. These small furry marsupials are endangered and low in numbers, but many tourists are able to still catch a glimpse (they typically approach humans, although you should avoid petting or feeding them). There are also many fascinating marine animals that you can spot off the coast of Perth including whale sharks and sea turtles. When looking for great diving destinations beyond the barrier reef, Perth is a good option. 

Fascinating history

There’s also a lot of history to explore in Perth. The city was once a penal colony in the 1800s and there are many buildings you can visit dating back to this period including Fremantle Prison, Perth Town Hall and the Cloisters. Visit the Museum of Perth to find out more about the city’s history. The Perth Mint and Old Court House Law Museum can also offer an interesting look into the city’s past. 

Green city

Perth contains a lot more green space than most other cities. In fact, it contains the largest inner-city park in the world, Kings Park. This park dwarfs even New York’s Central Park, measuring over 400 hectares. If you like exploring cities but also need somewhere to escape from the urban hustle-bustle, choose Perth. 

Outback adventures

Perth also has some great outback adventures on its doorstep. While staying in this city, it could be worth hiring a car from a car hire centre such as Burswood Car Rentals. This could allow you to explore some of the natural attractions that are out there. A few examples of natural attractions include Wave Rock near Noongar and The Pinnacles near Cervantes (you will have to travel a good few hours to see both of these attractions so may want to plan extra accommodation outside Perth when going on these excursions). 

Delicious seafood

Foodies are also certain to love the cuisine on offer in Perth. The city is particularly known for its fresh seafood dishes including barramundi and lobster. Check out this guide at Eatability to compare some of the top seafood restaurants in Perth. Those who don’t like seafood needn’t worry as there are many other types of food that you can grab in this city including unique meat pies, pasta dishes and even kangaroo steaks. The city also has some great home brewed craft beer.



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