Looking at my instagram or anything I post over social media you would probably think I was one of the happiest of people, loads of friends and a busy social calendar and my childhood played out in a similar fashion, but actually you’d be wrong to think that. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of social media – Instagram in particular, but golly it can make you feel a little shit about yourself – your ex has this new girlfriend, a girl you thought you were friends with is out with x and y and you weren’t invited, needless to say those stunning Instagram girls (all photoshopped might I add) make you feel like absolute bollocks that you a) aren’t as skinny/pretty as them b) you don’t have that unattainable thigh gap and c) you don’t have their life – the white Range Rover, a cute little rat dog (not going to lie I do have a Chihuahua) or the ever doting boyfriend who seems to buy those huge fuck off boxes of roses each week, I mean really – does any guy do that?!

For much of my early teens and young adult years (I am still only 24, I’m talking like the first year of university) I was bullied – and you know what, I am happy I was. It’s made me who I am today; it’s made me strong & independent, granted socially awkward and shy (in a none work orientated setting), but it has made me strive to attain the goals I set in place a long time ago.

It sounds weird, but those people that made me feel so terrible years ago are people I would like to thank, because of them I have a small select group of friends that I trust and love as my own family, I have ambition beyond belief to be true to who I am and an almost ‘fuck you’ to those people who tried to put me into a box I didn’t fit into.

I might not be the coolest of people; I’m the girl who spends far too much time watching animal videos on Instagram and if you have the pleasure of being my friend on Facebook you’ll frequently see reposting of said animal videos to usually my father’s wall or my own – clearly the height of cool, but that’s another thing you wouldn’t get from social media (people only portray the highlights in their life, the good, the fun, the exciting – not the ugly – a persona they want others to perceive, a tiny window into perhaps 1 faction of their life not their real self, but why? They have insecurities and unhappiness in their own life – probably 9/10 times that will be the case – or it’s just how we are programmed and a social norm, because posting a picture of the anti-depressants you have recently been prescribed isn’t socially acceptable; but back to social media, I am NOT cool.

I have actually had people direct message me asking for advice on how to be happier, how to be apart of the ‘cool crowd’ at school and my advice is just be you, because there is no one better than you – when you get to my age (she says like a wise old grandma) you will see that those people who made you feel so small and meaningless for a short period of time have no baring on your adult life, they can help you push yourself in a better direction.

Be happy in who you are, embrace your weird ways, it’s easier said than done, but who cares what other people think of you if you are happy with yourself? #mindpositive


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