Work out on your own schedule 

Since the workout sessions aren’t done in person, you can choose to workout anytime you like. We’re all busy. You don’t want to have to coordinate schedules with someone who trains in a gym across town, or rush to and from work to get to the gym. Another bonus is that many online workouts contain a lot of bodyweight exercises, which can be completed at home. 

You’re now in charge of your fitness! 


Not everyone can afford one-on-one gym sessions. Especially if you want to train more than once a week, personal training can have a pretty hefty price tag. But most online personal trainers charge a lot less for online training than in-person sessions. In some cases, you might find that an entire month of online training is less than one hour of one-on-one, in-person training. Your investment in your fitness stretches out a lot longer. 


Think to yourself. How often would you message your person trainer? Well, with online training, you can message your trainer at any time. You can do it through the my online personal training app, or you can WhatsApp directly. Being online means the lines of communication are never closed. You will get more attention from your your online coach because we are routinely checking in on you through the app. 

Access anywhere

Having access to an expert with an online personal trainer means they don’t even have to be in the same city as you. You can find the perfect personal trainer suited to your fitness goals and needs–whether that’s HIIT training, losing weight for a wedding, or marathon training your coach doesn’t even have to live on the same continent as you! 

Motivation and Accountability 

While online training may involve more self-motivation, your trainer is just a click away. And if your online trainer is a good one, they’ll be messaging you each day to check in on your progress and making sure that you are completing your workouts. There really are no excuses anymore! 

Seeing Results! 

Now that everything is online, it’s trackable. Want to know how many reps or sets you have completed, or if you’ve ever squatted that heavy before? Our online coaching app will let you track your weight, your body fat and measurements.  Allowing you to view all this on a graph showing your progression over time.

If you’re interested in an online coach please drop me an email at aimeevictorialong@icloud.com or DM on instagram and let’s get you started towards your fitness goals!


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