With travel abroad starting to open back up. Here’s why you should think about a fitness retreat as your next destination. Imagine a holiday where you are able to focus solely on your personal health and fitness goals in a beautiful destination surrounded by nature whilst being taught by experts from the fitness industry. If this sounds intriguing to you, then a fitness retreat is the perfect place for you. Fitness retreats are an amazing way to focus and revitalise  your well-being, and they create a healthy environment all to do it in.

If you’re looking to transform your 2021 in a healthy way and dust of the lockdown cobwebs then a fitness retreat is for you.

There are countless benefits and reasons to go on a fitness retreat, but we’ve narrowed it down to five. So, let’s escape!

Breathtaking Views


Surround yourself with nature, whether that be on the beach, or in the countryside. We encourage you to release your inner child as you breathe in air that is as fresh as can be. Conquer the waves, relax on the beach and push your limits with a variety of activities such as hiking, surfing and tennis. Experience the most beautiful sunsets whilst running along the beach and setting individual goals for yourself. These activities not only encourage you to embrace the outdoors, but they help build your confidence and get you outside of your comfort zone. Fitness retreats you are also along side like minded individuals so you’re able to bring a social element to it too.

Always Inspired

Aimee Victoria Long Pilates


Inspiration surrounds you on a fitness retreat. Immerse yourself in workouts, complimented with detoxing, cleansing and healthy meals. You will have mind opening experiences with highly qualified personal trainers, fitness instructors, therapists & nutritionists. You can enjoy a mix of group sessions and personal sessions (Usually at an additional cost), designed to help you learn the best techniques to transfer energy in a healthy way, delivered from trainers who are truly passionate about what they do. Set new goals and exceed your current ones, helping you understand your body and its needs.


Getting out of your Comfort Zone

Going on a fitness retreat is the perfect way to let go and embrace change, softly pushing you out of your comfort zone. A fitness retreat helps you change up your maybe mundane daily routine. Whether that’s your normal fitness regime, the foods you usually eat, or your environment. Change can be alarming at first but trying new things is healthy for your soul.


Not only do you work out daily and push your body to new limits, but you will be able to treat yourself to activities such as, luxury spa treatments and daily massages. This will help your body relax and recover, helping you reach your full potential. If you have insecurities or concerns when it comes to your body, you will be able to address them and get them worked out, leaving you with a feeling of rejuvenation. 

Food Tailored to You

At world class retreats upon arrival, you will meet with a nutritionist to decide on the best meal plan which is tailored to your body. You get invited to participate in workshops that will teach you how to eat a  well balanced and healthy meal, all of which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home upon your return. Learning about the right foods will benefit not only your body but help boost your mood and energy levels.


Like the sound of a fitness retreat? Experience one for yourself! After much delay due to Covid-19 we have 3 retreats in the pipeline. One UK based and the other two in St Tropez and Jamaica. Please go to the below link to find out more and if you have any questions please do ask!







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