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Hi – I’m Shelley!

I’m one of those Aussies that moved to London to test out the travel thing, the only difference is – I haven’t left yet. I’m hitting my fifth year of working in London and checking out Europe on the weekends, oh and i’ve managed to explore 50 countries in this short time!


Relaxing by the waters of Montenegro after trekking up the mountains in background!



Growing up in Bris-Vegas (more commonly known as Brisbane) in sunny Queensland, Australia, I spent my weekends camping, water-skiing and hanging out with my friends. When I was 16, I had saved all of my money from working weekends in a newsagent to go on a trip to Disneyland and New York with my dance school. I even got to spend my 17th birthday with my best friends in Disneyland – it really was magical. I wanted to keep travelling, however flying throughout Australia isn’t an easy, or cheap task – and while studying at uni, it didn’t really seem like an option for me.

Fast forward a few years and I was studying day in and day out, making sure to get those perfect uni grades. I got myself into a routine of study-work-save-repeat. I was determined to get top marks and save for a new car – I even passed on a trip to Thailand with my best friends!

Then, in my final year of uni, one of my lecturers told me how he had moved to london and travelled throughout Europe for 6 years! That was it – I knew that was what I wanted to do and I was hooked. My one way flights (yes, three of them!) were booked and two weeks after I received the very expensive piece of paper from Uni, I was off.


Patiently waiting for Big Ben to re-revealed!


Luckily, my hard work through uni had paid off and I found my feet very quickly landing a job and a very tiny room in east London. I then started to fill my weekends with short trips all throughout Europe. I had not been to Europe before moving here so I was able to play flight roulette, typing ‘everywhere’ into my searches and simply booking the cheapest flights!



Starting off in Europe was easy for me – I got to tick off all of those bucket-list places like Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Soon enough, I was addicted to getting lost in cobbled side streets, enjoying  a drink overlooking beaches and making many new friends along the way. 


Enjoying a cold glass of Wine along the French Riviera


Travelling allows me to escape the everyday grind, immerse myself in varying cultures and of course, admire infamous landmarks. As tacky as it sounds, travelling really does force you out of your comfort zone and being pushed and challenged in new cities is what hooks me in and keeps me booking flights!



After travelling about for two years, people started to catch on pretty quickly that I was away more weekends then I was in London. I began getting questions about how I have so much time to travel, how can I possibly afford it and how I know where to go. Friends, colleagues and family members were coming to me for advice on where to go, when to go and the best things to see!

I began to research before my trips, finding spots off the beaten track, great local restaurants and of course discovering the ultimate view points in a city – i’m a sucker for a good sunset! Taking note of the best restaurants, bars and tours along the way I was able to give my friends the best tips for their trips.

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