Top Four London Studios

I love going to classes in London, there are so many to choose from, but annoyingly I never actually have the time to go as often as I would like. And when I am lucky enough to go, I am pooped from the million classes I have taught myself! But here are my top four studios at the moment:

1. Paola’sBodyBarre

Okay, so I may work for Paola, but these are one of the hardest classes in London! If you want to experience a serious burn, lengthen and tone your whole body with a little help from some high-energy trainers and fun music, you should definitely pop along (to my class). Classes are kept fairly small, so we can make sure your knee fold to arabesque is on pointé.

Paola’s Body Barre – studio shoot

If you have never tried the PBB classes before, start with the Signature, build to the Burn and mix it with Boxerina, my favourite class of all. It’s a mix of Barre, HIIT and Boxing – you will plié, pulse and punch – all in one class!

Paola’s Body Barre – studio shoot

2. Core Collective

Because I love taking a good selfie and their mirrors are the BEST! I am yet to try all of their classes, but the spin will leave you sweating for days and Resistance might just make you run out to vomit (I did in fact do that). All the trainers are in amazing shape, and I am not sure if that makes it more intimidating or not, but it definitely pushes you to work hard in the classes with one of them shouting at you.

If you are looking for a luxury style fitness class, don’t mind a slightly pretentious surrounding and want to get fit quick from some of the best trainers in London then this is the place for you!

Core Collective Gym Kensington Waind Gohil and Potter Architects

3. Kobox

When you need to release a little bit of anger, this is the perfect place to come! Classes are hard, fun and dynamic. Not just a boxing class, as they are mixed with short HIIT sequences, don’t be fooled in thinking the female trainers classes won’t be as hard. A set in a dark ‘night club’ vibe, to loud motivating music.

Try their 30-day challenge, you’ll be sure to shape up in time for summer!

4. Bootcamp Pilates

This is the perfect class for me post teaching, considering it’s upstairs from one of the places I teach and I can pick up something to eat from Nati’s Wholefoods. You’ll find me there chilling in the morning – Monday’s and Wednesday’s! For those of you who think Pilates is easy, this will prove to you it isn’t! The reformer can be one of the hardest forms of training.

Try on of Lucy’s classes, she will definitely push up, but also make sure you are in the perfect position!


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