The 3 Pillars of Exercise Recovery You Need To Follow!


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If your exercise goal is more about losing weight than getting stronger, you still need to remember that exercise can really take it out of you. We hear so much about recovering from workouts properly but it’s amazing that so many of us don’t really know what the key pillars are. So with this in mind, let’s show you some approaches to make sure you are recovering properly. 


Nutrition and Hydration

So many people think that if they exercise enough, they will lose weight and that will be fine for them, but recovering from exercise involves proper nutrition and hydration. If you are doing an intense workout like high-intensity training or weightlifting, you need nutrients like protein for your muscle recovery. It’s important to have a good quality source of protein. Many people talk about consuming protein shakes, but where possible, it’s far better to have organic meat and protein sources. Your local family butcher can always point you in the direction of organic meats. Additionally, you have to replenish your water and glycogen stores. You need to replace the fluids that you lost through exercise, and an extra 20% to 50% over the 6 hours after your exercise.


Soft Tissue Work

If you are doing a lot of strength training, you will be feeling pretty sore the next day. Having flexibility and mobility will help you to avoid injury. The best thing anybody can do is to conduct dynamic stretching before they work out but also have a solid cooling-down routine afterwards. It’s also important to have what they call “active recovery.” For example, you can go swimming, or do some light stretches in the days following your workout. Always remember that if you have undertaken a particularly strenuous workout, you’ve got to give yourself at least 48 hours until you exercise again due to the muscle protein synthesis process, where the body adapts to the demands you have placed upon it. Because if you work out too soon and haven’t recovered properly, you may start to notice the many signs of under-recovery such as losing too much weight and not sleeping properly.


Sleeping and Relaxation 

Both are incredibly important for restorative processes in the mind and the body. People talk about sleep as being so important, and if you are pushing your body through something you’re not used to, you’ve got to listen to it and learn how to relax and sleep. Because working out puts stress on your body, you will release more cortisol, and in order for your muscles to recover you need to give your adrenals a rest. Having as much opportunity to sleep and relax as possible is vital. Some exercise circles call this “living like a lion.” And while you may find this is at odds with your lifestyle, you’ve got to learn how to grab rest wherever you can.


Ensuring that you can recover from exercise is important. You shouldn’t attempt to undertake a strenuous workout until you have completely recovered, and this is where many people fall flat. While you may wish to lose a lot of weight, you have to remember that it’s about being healthy while you do it.


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