Sensible tips for stress-free travel


It’s a bit of an antithesis, we know.


By taking time away, whether it’s for a short-term vacation or a long-term travel adventure, we should feel less stressed as we escape the pressures of our everyday lives. But if you’re a frequent traveler, you will know this isn’t always the case. From the stresses of a busy airport to the demands on our finances, travel, in all of its forms, can take its toll on us both mentally and physically.


Still, there are ways to reduce stress when we’re traveling, as can be seen in our simple (and sensible) tips below.



#1: Always plan ahead


The better prepared you are, the less stress you should experience while you’re away. So, to avoid lengthy wait times at the airport, you might want to stay abreast of any flight changes or delays before you leave your home. To avoid the discomfort of a bad hotel, you should research accommodation online using hotel review sites. And to avoid the risk of financial ruin while away, you should have insurance in place before you go, such as that offered by Travelers Insurance if you’re using your car. It’s hard to think of every eventuality as to what might go wrong, we know, but as much planning as you can do beforehand, the less trouble you should have down the line.


Pack wisely


Our first piece of advice is this; pack early! By doing so, there will be less chance of you forgetting to pack something if you’re in a last-minute rush. Secondly, pack lightly. You don’t necessarily need to pack an outfit for every day of your trip, and there will be some items that can be purchased when you’re away. If you’re staying at a hotel, there should be laundry facilities, as well as items such as hairdryers and kettles, so don’t cram them into your bags if you don’t need to. And to ensure you do pack your necessities, use a packing checklist. You can then tick it off as you pack, having the peace of mind that you have everything you might possibly need while you’re away.


Download some apps


While we would recommend using your phone as little as possible, mainly to avoid the temptation to check Facebook or your work emails, both of which could instigate stress when you’re away, you should still download a few useful apps to help alleviate any possible stress causes. You might want to download a GPS app, for example, as this way, there will be less chance of you getting lost on your travels. You might also want to download an app that lists the best food places, as this way, there is less chance of you getting food poisoning from a place that ranks low on hygiene. Check out the apps on this list; there’s even one that helps you to meditate and sleep better, so clear some room on your phone if you need to.


Practice self-care


Life is always less stressful when you practice self-care. By taking care of your body through regular exercise, healthy eating, and by getting enough sleep, you will be better equipped to deal with any challenges that await you while you’re away. Therefore, make an effort to stay active, resist the lure of junk food, and on the night before you travel and during your time away, rest as much as you are able to strengthen and refresh both your body and your mind.



Take care, and thanks for reading!


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