My stay at The Reset Button Retreat in Barcelona

The Reset Button

Relax. Recharge. Reset.
What’s the best you’ve ever felt?
Reset Button exists to get you back to that.
In stunning locations around Europe – you just relax, and let the experts do the hard work.

  • Enjoy a fully detoxifying yet delicious menu.
  • A comprehensive mindfulness course taught by a Mindfulness Therapist.
  • Gentle exercise, classes and hikes in the beautiful countryside.
  • One on one consultation with a Nutritionist.
  • Massages
  • Talks and activities including the unique Happiness Workshop.

Reset Button experts will examine every part of your life. I got the chance experience this retreat when it first started and nothing has beaten that experience since. I am so happy to see they will be taking it to Brazil in 2018, as this is just another retreat I can embark upon.

You’ll learn how food is effecting you from the inside out, cut back on some over indulgences you may have over here and give your body the chance to just – well, reset. I am a coffee fanatic, and I know I drink far too much of this overly priced beverage, but there is just no way I can be my chirpy little self at 5am if I am not completely fuelled on it! But when I was there I managed to totally take myself of the ‘drug,’the first few days were hard, I’m not going to lie and I did experience a few headaches because of it I think, but mid retreat I felt amazing.

You learn how your thoughts impact everything you do. From this retreat I took away mindfulness, and have been practicing ever since. If you follow me on Instagram or have been for a while now, you will have seen some of the posts I have written about practicing mindfulness and how it can really benefit us, but this practice was reawakened to me at The Reset Button. We were able to practice the art of mindfulness in the most beautiful surroundings, a notice even the smallest of things – who knew eating a raisin could be so sweet (I sure if you go on this retreat, that will make a little more sense)!

It is not a boot camp. Not a raw food, juice only, rabbit food retreat. No getting up at 5am or unwanted enforced activities. We practice yoga, had a personal training session, massage and the option to join in as we pleased. Nothing was forced, which meant you could just take the time to catch up on some needed rest if you wished. And let me tell you the chef we had on our retreat was incredible, a friends for life – fresh, tasty and easy to make recipes you can take home and try – I still make the recipes now and you can see a few featured in the recipe section.

The Reset Button taught methods to improve wellbeing that are implementable in normal daily routine. Like I said, the biggest thing I took away was my mindfulness practice and knowing when I need to take some time out to just ‘reset.’

No crazy fad anything – it’s personal, relaxed and a truly memorable experience.

Just real tangible ways to make you feel better every day for the rest of your life, not just at the retreat!


It’s possible you may leave feeling better than you ever have!