Making Your Home A Healthier Space To Occupy


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No matter how much time you spend in your home, unless you’re traveling, you’ll be spending roughly one-third of your day there. Sleeping at night requires worthwhile investment then, be that in a memory foam mattress or in making sure your windows have ventilation locks so you can breathe more easily.


This begs the question – how else can we make our home feel more enjoyable to occupy in the long term? That might sound like an easy question to answer of course – keep it safe, clean and have all necessary implements to hand. But as people who are concerned with improving the general health of our day-to-day wellbeing, most of us are interested in what we can do to optimize our home health, too.


Such efforts might differ depending on where you live. If you’re in the middle of a rural countryside area, then it’s unlikely you’re going to worry about traffic pollution and air quality. That said, putting up borders around your property so wildlife can’t get in might be worthwhile in those cases. In this post, we’ll discuss a few additions you can make to your home space in order to thrive within that environment:


Air Purifiers & Negative Ionisers


Air purifiers can serve as a great way of conditioning the air and removing some of the more intrusive airborne pollutants you may wish to avoid, such as hairs and spores from mold. A negative ioniser, sometimes included in unit, can help discharge the positive ions and cause a more peaceful environment which helps you remain alert and attentive. Negative ions, for instance, are found in great quantities near waterfalls – which shows you how their redemptive power can help alter an environment.


Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions


Switching to non-toxic cleaning solutions, even such as eco-friendly washing up liquid, can provide a nice, neutral counterpoint to the usual intensive chemically-strong cleaning solutions you usually utilize, and these can help a home feel fresher, smell nicer, and contribute to the environment in a manner that actually means something, not just in a way that looks good. This might even encourage you to teach your children how to clean a slightly earlier age, when exposure to harsh chemicals is much less of a risk.


Hygienic Products


Having some hygienic products on hand can be useful, particularly because Covid is now considered to be on the rise again. A natural hand soap that can be used to properly wash our hands before and after eating and throughout the day can be useful without causing irritation to our skin. Reassessing the kind of skincare products we use can also be tremendously invigorating, be that implementing more exfoliation into our daily schedule or simply placing fresh towels over our pillows at night to prevent against unwanted acne. As you can see, proper organization can help you live in your house more cleanly and without toxins, in the long term influencing your health for the better, through and through.


With this advice, you’re certain to make your home a healthier space to occupy.


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