Jakarta: In The Thick Of Indonesia’s Capital


Established in 397 AD, Jakarta is one of the most populated cities in the world. It might be in the top 5 capital cities regarding sheer population because a staggering 10 million people all live in it’s abode. Producing just under half a trillion dollars by itself, quite clearly the city is one of the best places to visit. This is largely due to the tourist sector anyway but all around the city there are many opportunities for young and hungry professionals. Many people just want to follow the football team as it has one of the largest followings in this part of the world. It’s a city that has a night sky that you won’t forget any time soon. Neon lights are scattered all over, with many search lights lighting up towering structures and buildings. The local transport network is reliable for you to get around the city to each location you desire. Thankfully it also has a mixture of buildings that are influenced by Europe as well as traditional buildings with amazing colors and shapes. There is a strong sense of modernity as well as respecting the heritage of the nation and culture.



Starting off in a fine way


The Wayang Museum is one of the best places to visit in Jakarta. Located in Kota Tua it’s one of the most visited attractions because it displays traditional Indonesian fine art and has a collection of numerous historical artefacts. It’s also home to the puppet museum which is a showcase of small hand puppets and string puppets. The characters are those of folk tales and children’s stories that the locals would pass on to their children. The site that the museum stands on was once occupied by a church which was built around the middle of the 17th century. The colors inside are amazing, with many tones and shades that reflect the traditions of the fashion that was once very popular. You’ll see bright red, mixed with ribbon blues, bright green and yellow patterns along with spectacular black and golds pieces. Every single piece is kept in great condition reserved with care so that the quality of the museum is true to it’s fine art theme.




Winding down for a while


If you just want to relax in a carefree environment then you need something that will wind you down for the day. Letting your hair down is easy in this city, as you have multiple attractions at your feet that can do just that. One of the more popular destinations is the Waterbom PIK park. There are many winding water slide rides that are suitable for both adults and children. The designs of these rides are just as you would expect for any modern waterpark attraction. You climb to the top and gravity takes over. The slide winds into a spiral, but also cuts across the twist that you just went through. Just for a moment you get a glimpse of the sky as there are cutouts in the tubes that allow some natural light in.


On the other hand you also have the chance to just go for a trail walk in the park itself. The lush bright green vegetation is very exotic. The pathways have been designed to give you a true feeling of being in a jungle. You’ll walk over running streams, under trees that are incredibly old, but also through the gentle plants from which the local wildlife feeds. There are many swimming pools for the children to enjoy too. Lifeguards are on hand to stop any kind of mishap or injury that might occur. It’s a great day out on your own, with friends or with family. The park opens bright and early at 10am but will last way into the evening until around 7pm.




The three white spires


Although Indonesia is mainly an islamic country, there is a substantial portion of the population that is Christian. The St. Mary Assumption Cathedral is one of the more iconic buildings that represents this populace particularly. The three white spires are the most notable thing about the architecture as they can be seen for miles. The cathedral is of the Roman Catholic faith, and the design is quite reminiscent of the Roman Gothic style. Many people come here to pray on a Sunday but everyone is welcome to join a gathering on any given day. The people are very welcoming to those that are not familiar with their faith and culture so if you’re a tourist and visiting for the first time feel free to ask the bishop questions.


The nave is that of the classic Medieval period. Lots of timber is used for the ceiling and it’s incredibly outstretched cross design is breathtaking. There is also a lot of stone used in the construction. Limestone, granite and in some places white marble. Much like you would expect, there’s also a large iron organ that is played during the hymns, beginnings and endings of services. A large and loyal group of regular worshippers keeps the buildings looking tidy. You can head into the cathedral to explore the various statues that depict moments from the bible that are significant to the Catholic faith.



Lay your head


There’s simply so much to do in such a short time, which is why you need a place to stay that is affordable. Since it is the capital city of Indonesia, the hotel prices might be a little much. You always have property choices jual rumah can provide. Here you can find apartments to rent if you want an extended stay. This is ideal for lengthy trips that involve exploration or if you’re testing the waters in the hopes to move out here. On the other hand you also have houses that are up for rent for yourself or a group of friends. The rent is quite reasonable with the average prices hovering around $400-500 per month. This is the average home but if you want something that is larger and has more features you will be looking at around $600-800 per month. Many of the homes are modern so expect to enjoy an open plan living design. The interior decor is much like many other modern countries and you have a television, kitchen and multiple bathrooms all to yourself. In a hotel you can’t quite make it feel like home but if you rent your own space for your trip, you can definitely achieve this.


All you can eat


There are many choices for top restaurants. You can find almost any kind of cuisine but if you have had a long day and you just want comfort food and lots of it, head down to the buffet at Sana Sini Restaurant. You’ll find many Western pastries here such as double and triple chocolate muffins, iced doughnuts, and cinnamon swirls. There are other options main courses such as meat kebabs, fried fish and salads, as well as soup bowls and freshly baked bread. Full chicken roasts are some of the more popular choices for customers as you get to pick out your own garnish. Lemon and pepper, or traditional spices can be put onto your chicken so feel free to mix it up.


Jakarta is one of those places that you only truly appreciate once you’re there. It is quite talked about a lot on travel shows, but it’s a capital city that has so much to offer. With a huge population, comes a lot of transport challenges. However the city has done very well which means staying in the thick of the action is a very viable choice.


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