How To Make Getting Fit A Breeze


Not everyone wants to dedicate 2 hours in the morning to sweat it out at the gym. Some people want to take a relaxed and easy approach to get fit and feel good. 

Many people start a new regime in January, and by February the 1st, they no longer have the motivation to do it. 

It’s difficult, time-consuming or you set the wrong expectations for yourself. It happens to the best of us. While there are many people that say this is the point you need to push through to achieve – it is more important to do what feels good. 


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So how do you get fit, or fitter without over committing yourself? 


A Simple 10

If you haven’t worked out for a while, you might be surprised just how much effort ten of anything takes. So only commit yourself to ten of something per day. It doesn’t matter how long you commit to it, just that you do. 

Start with a 10 second plank, ten push-ups, ten sit ups or ten minutes on your static bike. 

Those ten will feel insignificant and before you know it you will be eager to do 20. 



How you do it is up to you, but cycling is one of the lowest effort ways to get fit. You can cycle on a static bike, hop on an electric bike or just cycle around the block a few times. The low impact of cycling means you won’t have aching knees or hips, and you will increase your fitness every time you do it. 

Before long, you hop on your bike to head to the store because it is more convenient than walking. 


Hot girl walk

While the last few years have been a big mess for millions, some good has come from it. The Hot Girl Walk is a walk that you do once a day, with some water and focuses on how amazing you are. 

The Hot Girl Walk is all about confidence, created by Mia on TikTok all you need to do is choose your favourite music and walk. 

You just need to think about three things: 

  1. How hot you are
  2. What you want to achieve
  3. How grateful you are for what you already have

That is it—30 minutes of strutting your stuff, thinking about you and you only.


Stand up

If you work at a desk, you know just how many hours you can go without standing up once. This lack of movement is horrific for our hearts, spines and mental health. Set a timer and get up at least once an hour. 

If you want bonus points, add in some stretches and a glass of water to the time you are standing. If you don’t already have an Apple Watch or another type of smartwatch – it will buzz you every hour to move. Helping you keep track. 

Don’t apply pressure. If you just want to feel a little better, a little healthier, and a little fitter, then start slow, don’t apply the pressure and do what works for you. 


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