Grabbing life by both hands


There comes a time in everyone’s working life when we ask ourselves if we’re in the right job, if we have a career ahead of us or if we need to shake things up a bit. This might be borne from the frustration of being in a job that doesn’t pay well enough or give you anything like enough career progression. It might be because you’d always wanted to do something completely different and feel stuck in the role you find yourself in.


Or it might be due to outside factors, the end of a relationship or a step onto the property ladder that triggers the need for change in other aspects of your life as well.


If you’re looking to make a change, it’s time to stop and think about what’s going to make you truly happy. Are you looking for a new job or is it something outside the world of work? Perhaps you’re harbouring a need for travel and to visit those countries that have been on your bucket list for years and years.


The time for making a change might be now, so take a look at our guide to saying goodbye to the everyday and hello to a tomorrow packed full of adventure.


Choose Your Adventure


If you’re looking for change, then why not start with the your 9 to 5? Identify what it is that’s become so unsatisfying and begin to make your exit strategy.

When you’re used to a steady salary and the comfort of a routine, this can be hard but to follow a dream you may have put on the backburner, it’s well worth the risk.


If you’re hoping to stay in your job but are looking for promotion, greater responsibility or a fresh challenge then make your manager’s office your first point of call. Let them know what’s on your mind and be specific about what you’re looking for them to do. If they can’t help you in your career goals, then it’s time to start looking around and deciding what’s going to work best for you in the long run. That decision might well involve looking for a new job.


Start this process by getting your resume in shape. You can do this with the aid of a modern template or by visiting a resume specialist who will help create your perfect document.

You may not feel qualified for half the jobs you apply for but with a killer resume and a cover letter that sells who you are and what you can do, you’d be surprised at how many times you might get to the interview stage.


Changing path


On the other hand you may decide that the industry you’re in is no longer where you want to be and opt to start from scratch.


As daunting as this sounds, it can be done with a lot of preparation and some determination. Start by looking at what you might need by way of qualifications. Can you gain these through evening courses or part time studies that might fit around your current role? If not, how far are you willing to go to fulfill your dream? Will you give up your job completely to study full time or try your hand at a long distance correspondence course. The possibilities are endless but will require commitment and possibly funding.


While there are bursaries available for some courses, you may need to consider applying for a loan if you want to pay upfront. If finding a loan looks like it might be problematic, you might want to consider using a guarantor if you have bad credit.




Perhaps instead your dream lies in exploring the world before life changes and you feel the need to settle down for good, you’ll want to do everything you can to make that happen


It’s a bold and brave step and one that requires a little bit of planning, so if you’re intending to leave for any period of time there are a few things you need to get in place before you leave. If you rent or own a property, how do you plan on covering those bills? If you’re thinking of a sub-let, make sure it’s in your rental agreement. Owners might want to let a rental company take care of the details for you while you’re away and many will offer you a guaranteed income each month which, while lower than market rent, will provide you with something predictable and regular.


Then it’s just a case of planning your itinerary and getting those bags packed. Whether you plan on operating to a tight schedule, with all your travel arrangements in place before you leave or have a more spontaneous plan in mind make sure you have all your vaccinations up to date and adequate months left on your passport to cover your trip.


You may plan on working some of the time that you’re away so take a look at some of the country specific sites and figure out what you might need in terms of a visa or qualifications. Teaching English is a great option for lots of countries and a short course taken before you leave will stand you in good stead for landing jobs while you’re out of the country.


You’re looking for change in your life so why not try go for it and think big. That place you spend so much of your valuable time in just isn’t cutting it any more so decide how you’re going to extricate yourself. That new job or training course is just few clicks away, so grab your courage with both hands and take the plunge.


If experiencing new cultures, new food and seeing new sights is what you need then face the fact that you’re not going to feel truly fulfilled until you’ve seen what the world has to offer. Make it happen today. You won’t regret the day you stopped putting your dreams on hold and got on with living life on your terms.


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