Bank holiday weekends are THE perfect way to fit in travel whilst saving those precious annual leave days. Gdansk, a small Polish town is a short 2 hour flight from London. Here, you will find affordable prices, delicious dumplings and a chance to head to the beachfront!

DAY 1.

Making the most of your bank holiday weekend requires an early start to get the first flight to Poland! Grab a taxi into the city centre and stroll down Long Maket, the main street in Gdansk. There is only pedestrian traffic here, so the taxi will drop you just outside. Find yourself a map and enjoy a coffee (or local beer!) at one of the many restaurants lining the colourful street.


Top spots to tick off today:


  • Head down Long Market to find Artus Court – a gold plated, pastel building of course sitting behind a historic water fountain!
  • Make your way up a twisted staircase in St Mary’s Basilica for skyhigh views of this medieval city.
  • Take a relax and grab a twisted ice-cream from a hole in the wall ice-creamery admiring the pastel buildings that surround you.
  • Enjoy a stroll towards the Royal Chapel and if you’re really warm, run through the Four Quarters Fountain to cool off!
  • Stroll down Grzaska Street – a much quieter street than Long Market!
  • Find the Green Gate, my favourite historic entrance into the city, and head across the canal.
  • Finally, admire St Mary’s Gate while dangling your feet over the canal.


Exhausted? I was! Head back to your hotel, freshen up and enjoy an afternoon tea. When you’re ready for dinner, head to Prologue. Prologue sits against the canal with crafty cocktails and a fine dining experience. Being in Poland, there is no crazy expensive English price tag, making this the perfect place to treat-yo-self!





DAY 2.

Gdansk makes one part of the Tri-city between Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, making travel between these cities very simple! Hire out a bike for the day and make your way along the coastal cycle path towards Sopot.


Where to stop and take a snap:

  • Walk along the Sopot Pier and gaze out at the blue water!
  • Turn around and check out the gardens of Skwer Kuracyjny – I have NO idea how to pronounce that – but it’s a pretty nice building, often holding many exhibitions.
  • Stroll through the town to find Krzywy Domek – again, not a clue on pronunciation but it’s a very cool building that totally bent out of shape.
  • Enjoy a walk along the beach and if it’s warm enough – take a dip!
  • Cycle along the beachfront to Blekitna Fala – The ultimate place for fish and chips! There is not a lot of people that speak english here (testament to the quality of the food!) so find someones food you like and point to it to order!


Cycle back to Gdansk and enjoy tradition dumplings at Pierogarnia u Dzika – Grab a selection of dumplings to share and enjoy the delicious traditional food. Don’t forget to try out the desert dumplings too!


Fancy a drink? Stroll a few metres up and you will find Browar Piwna, a microbrewery that does all sorts of fancy adapted beers including strawberry and cherry – actually worth a try!


DAY 3.


Jump out of bed early, grab a coffee to go and stroll through the town before all of the other tourists wake up! Generally, between 7-8am you will manage to get some great pictures without hoards of people in the background.

Head back to your hotel, make yourself a delicious breakfast (or grab on the way back!) and get yourself packed ready to go home. But don’t worry – the trip isn’t over yet! Make your way to the Green Gate where you will find Bike and Boat Hire Gdansk. Hire out a little electric boat and sail directly down the centre of Gdansk! It is an absolute laugh and a great way to see the city from the water and bask in the sun.

Your final stop: stroll over Cows Gate, find your way across the Brama Stagiewna bridge (again with the tricky words!) and you will find the Brovarnia Brewery. Enjoy lunch overlooking the water and test out some more of Poland’s finest beers.


Sadly, it’s time to head to the airport. I hope you have enjoyed your jam-packed bank holiday weekend! We would love to hear all about your trip in the comments below.


by Shelley Doherty 


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