Five Ways To Overcome A Phobia


Phobias are painful to deal with. Physically and emotionally, phobias can rule your life and make it feel difficult to exist in certain moments. If you’re afraid of heights, it can feel impossible to get in a plane or feel the thrill of a rollercoaster. If you’re afraid of fire, then firework shows are a no-go. Phobias aren’t always something that can be controlled, though, which means that you are going to potentially miss out on great chunks of life purely because you are too afraid of certain things. 


Phobias are very real, and they’re not something you can just get over. There’s a reason that a sleep dentist was invented as an idea first – putting people to sleep in the dentist for treatment is a kindness for those who panic attending appointments. There are so many phobias out there and they can be devastating for some people. From being afraid to use certain modes of transport to being too afraid to see a dentist and fix your teeth, there are some things that you can do to overcome the worry that comes from those phobias. Here are five ways to help you to overcome yours.


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  1. Be realistic about your phobia. You cannot decide to be over something and feel okay with it. It takes time and work on your part to get to the root of the phobia and work on that which caused it. You won’t always get it right, either. Sometimes, the thing you’re afraid of most will still terrify you and worry you. However, as long as you keep doing the work and pushing forward, it’ll come in time.
  2. Look after your body. From sleeping well to eating nutritious foods, you need to make sure that you are doing the basics to look after your mind and body. If you’re not physically and mentally strong, overcoming a phobia will be even harder. 
  3. Meditate. You cannot think away a phobia, but you can feel less flighty and afraid if your body is relaxed and your mind can follow suit. You have to think about how you can empty your mind of all things negative and worrying, and meditation can help. If you have to do something that means you have to face your phobia, then you have to feel as relaxed as possible. This way, you won’t react to the situation in a way that puts you at odds with yourself. You’ll be able to think more clearly and you’ll face the fear stronger than ever.
  4. Be okay with not getting it right. You will not be able to be okay with the things you’re afraid of all the time. It’s okay. You will be able to work on it and get through it over time but you have to give yourself time. You won’t always be courageous. 
  5. Get some counseling. Talking through your fears with a therapist will help you to overcome them more than anything else. Once you learn to overcome the root of the issue with a therapist, you may be able to face your fears again.

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