Bulking Blunders: How NOT To Gain Muscle


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Looking for ways to bulk up? Whether you’re training to become a bodybuilding champion or simply looking to become more toned, it’s important that you add muscle mass in the right way. Here are a few tips on what not to do (and what you should be doing instead). 

Weight training without a program

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to build muscle mass, but you need to have some kind of training program. This includes knowing which parts of your body to target, which weights to choose, how many reps to do, how often to exercise and how frequently to increase the weights/reps. Hiring a personal trainer can be handy for helping you to establish a program. It could also be worth downloading apps to help record your training. This is likely to be much more productive than lifting random weights when you feel like it.


Training too hard too fast

Building muscle takes patience. While it’s important to push yourself when working out, you shouldn’t overdo it by lifting weights that are too heavy too soon or hitting the gym too frequently without giving yourself time to recover. Try to learn the difference between good and bad pain – you should feel a burn, but you shouldn’t be feeling a straining or searing pain as you train. If you do feel this pain, stop. You should aim to train the same part of the body no more frequently than every other day (this is why people target different parts of their body on different days). Meanwhile, always make sure you’re comfortable with a certain weight before increasing it. 


Consuming too many dirty calories

If you’re planning on building muscle, you need to be eating lots more calories to give you the energy you need. However, these need to be clean calories. On top of protein and carbs, you need vitamins and minerals to help with muscle repair and joint strengthening. You also want to limit unhealthy fats, salt and sugar, which can all interfere with muscle growth and lead to you gaining fat instead. So just what are some healthy ways to up your calories? Ideally, sources of protein like peanut butter, lean meats, porridge, eggs and beans. This guide lists some healthy sources of calories and protein


Relying too much on supplements

Supplements can help with recovery and muscle development, but you still need to be doing enough exercise and eating the right foods for them to work effectively. There is no magic pill that will help you build muscle without working out and eating the right diet. Make sure that you’re using supplements the right way. It’s also important to choose the right supplements from reputable companies. For example, if you plan to buy peptides online, make sure to choose companies that have good reviews and that are trusted by athletes.


Doing too much cardio

If you’re trying to bulk up, it’s best to limit cardio exercise. Cardio is better for losing weight. In many cases, too much cardio will take away energy from your muscles, causing you to lose that muscle mass. You can do some cardio training while training to bulk up, but you need to be doing more strength training overall. 


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