Now I know you’re all going to say I know, I know alcohol is bad for me. But I’m going to go into a little bit of detail to exactly why it may be hindering your fitness both physically and mentally.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol in moderation but if you’re stuck in a rut when it comes to losing weight and drinking a number of times a week. This blog is for you.


Alcohol slows down recovery

To recover properly after exercise, your body needs to do a number of  things, including stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins, restore fluid levels, and replenish glycogen. Anyone who’s had a few drinks knows that alcohol can increase your urine production. ‘Breaking the seal come to mind?’  If you’re releasing more fluids than you’re taking in this is going to pretty quickly lead to dehydration. As for replenishing the body’s glycogen, or energy stores, this depends on what you eat and drink after your exercise of choice. This will be touched on in a later point. There’s also a danger that having a few beverages after a workout means you skip protein-rich recovery foods. Without enough protein, muscle protein synthesis isn’t stimulated, which can inhibit muscle growth and repair.


Alcohol blows your sleep pattern apart

Research has shown sleepers who consume large amounts of alcohol before going to bed are prone to delayed sleep onset, meaning they need more time to fall asleep. As liver enzymes metabolise the alcohol during the night and the blood alcohol level decreases, these individuals are also more likely to experience sleep disruptions and decreases in sleep quality. Now as touched on in my previous blog you may know how sleep can effect weight loss. It knocks your hormones out of balance and you will end up feeling tired and hungry often resulting in increased calorie consumption. If drinking 3 times a week that’s 3 nights sleep effected. Not only may sleep deprivation lead to increased calorie consumption but it’s also going to decrease physical performance when training. Resulting in few calories burned and a decrease in exercise satisfaction.


Alcohol affects your judgment calls… specifically with food

Even the most dedicated athletes will have a challenging time fighting the urge to indulge when intoxicated. That end of night Macdonalds or Kebab. We’ve all been there. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can lead to poor decision-making in the heat of the moment. Especially when it comes to food choices. Not only at the end of drinking do our food choices tend to be poor but also the following day. All your body wants when you wake up feeling groggy is fats & sugar. So not only have we had an increased calorie intake from alcohol and then post night out but also the following the day we find ourselves eating in a surplus.


Now that you have read this blog. If you are sat there wondering why you’re not making the gains you’d like and are drinking 3 nights a week or are a weekend warrior then alcohol is is definitely having an impact on your health and fitness results.


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