Something that is often neglected but something that I think will add huge value you to your everyday routine is meditation. Here are my 3 key reasons why and the best to do them. 


It improves workout performance.

Meditation allows you to reduce stress. It brings a sense of peace and calm to your workout, whether or not you are able to achieve your goals. If you achieve your goals it allows you to not get carried away. Likewise if you don’t hit your target it allows you to not become overwhelmed with a feeling of disappointment and prevents you from dwelling. Furthermore It also allows you to be at peace with your body, body image, and performance. If you are filled with anxiety, stimulants, or adrenaline, you probably won’t perform to the best of your ability. If your mind is calm, clear, and focused, you probably are more likely to excel.


It reduces stress and can help build muscle.

Stress in the body can be a good thing, to some degree, since it helps you get stronger and faster. However, over time, all that stress can lead to inflammation, fat storage, and mental fogginess. That’s why meditation’s ability to decrease amounts of cortisol in the body is ideal. Practicing a few minutes of mindfulness post-workout can be optimal for stress management. Additionally, meditation has been shown to minimise pain perception and balance growth hormones necessary for muscle building.


It encourages gratitude for physical accomplishments.

In other words, view meditation and exercise as good friends, not replacements for each other. If you are in amazing physical shape and devote much of your time to perfecting your body, trade some time out to enhance your spirituality.

There is no set amount of times per week to meditate. Take a moment to meditate for some controlled deep breaths before a workout. It can give you a chance to focus on what’s upcoming. In the same light, take a few moments to breathe deeply post-workout. It allows a wave of gratitude to flow over the body for what you have just physically accomplished. Meditation is intentional thinking. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. It can give you a sense of gratitude to take into your day. Be grateful for being able to workout and have the body to allow you to do so.


How to add meditation?

It can simply involving deep breathing for 1 minute, which is about 5 deep breaths. In for 4, hold, out for for and hold. Then repeat for 60 seconds. I have however downloaded headspace, which is teaching me meditation. It is a great tool and involves breathing in the morning. Followed by and educational video and then you can choose how long you wish to meditate for. Ranging between 3 & 30 minutes. For a beginner to meditation it is a great way to get started and to learn about your mind and body.  


Help and Advice

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