3 Tips For Setting Yourself Effective Fitness Goals


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Everyone knows that following a good fitness routine, and being physically active on a daily basis, is very important for overall health and wellbeing.

The problem is that huge numbers of people routinely set themselves fitness goals, or create fitness-themed New Years Resolutions, only to end up rapidly losing interest or momentum.

A fitness routine is the kind of thing that provides its benefits over an extended period of time, instead of all at once. So coming up with a fitness routine that you can stick to consistently is important.

Here are some tips for setting yourself effective fitness goals that you can really benefit from as much as possible.

Prevent burnout by always balancing activity with sufficient rest and recovery

For your fitness goals to be effective — and for you to be able to stick to them consistently — it’s important to emphasise proper balance in how you choose your goals, and how you structure your routines on a daily basis.

If your fitness goal is something overly ambitious and intense — such as running an ultramarathon within a month’s time, after never having trained — you are bound to burn yourself out, overtrain, risk your health and safety, and will just generally have a bad overall time.

Make sure that your workouts are mostly of moderate intensity and that you rest, recover and unwind between workouts, with good food, reasonable treats such as bubble tea kits, and plenty of sleep.

Use your goals as waypoints, but focus more on the process day-to-day

Setting yourself fitness goals can be a great idea for a wide variety of reasons.

Among other things it can help you to stay motivated, to get excited about something, and to maintain a good overall sense of direction — instead of just wandering aimlessly from one topic or practice to another.

At the same time, though, getting overly caught up in achieving particular fitness targets and hitting certain numbers, can be counterproductive. It can cause you excessive stress, and can undermine the quality of your fitness practices on a daily basis.

Instead, use your fitness goals more as waypoints that show you the direction to head in, but focus more on the process on a day-to-day basis. Try to fall in love with the journey and not just the destination.


Find forms of physical activity that you actually enjoy for their own sake, instead of just setting yourself the same goals as everyone else

If some “fitness guru” tells you that you need to hit the treadmill every second day, but you absolutely hate running on the treadmill, then you’d be better off not doing it.

Every fitness journey is unique and individual, and although there are all sorts of different opinions out there on the “right way to get fit,” the bottom line is that there are a huge number of different ways of getting physically active.

To make your fitness journey as fruitful as possible, focus on forms of physical activity that you can actually enjoy for their own sake — whether that primarily means yoga, dancing, weightlifting, or anything else.


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